About Me

This is Reshinth Adithyan. This is Reshinth Adithyan, you can call me Reshinth. I am a Researcher/Research Engineer working in the intersection of Machine Learning for Code Representation Learning for Developer Productivity and Static Analysis. I started liking the process of writing a parser recently. As of 2022, I am focussed on Research of Neural Program Synthesis with DSLs at Saama Research Lab and spending my free time at Code.AI which is now under Carper.AI thinking about Machine Learning applied on code.

Projects with Code Representation Learning

Research Interests

  • Code Representation Learning
  • Parsers and Compilers
  • Geometric Representation Learning in DFG(s)/CFG(s)
  • Naturalness in Code
  • Neural Program Synthesis
  • Domain Specific Language Engineering
  • Human Computer Interaction via Compilers
  • Creative Coding.</strong></li>


  • Languages : python, javascript, haskell, rust
  • Deep Learning Tools : pytorch, jax, jraph, tensorflow, keras, huggingface Transformers, Pytorch Geometric.
  • Parser Generators :jison, python lex-yacc, antlr